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2008 RAM 6.7 Jet Engine sounds

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Hello everyone,

I am working on a 2008 6.7 RAM (fully deleted, open exhaust, off road truck). With the stock file, the truck used to go 100% VN position at idle and light throttle a few seconds after start up. With open exhaust, it sounded absolutely amazing.

I flashed a delete file (Dimsport/Swiftec) to shut off emissions. Then I tuned the file for power with HP tuners.

My issues:

1- The truck does the 100% VN with Jet sound effects for a while, then it doesn´t do it anymore.

2- No boost maps on HP tuners. Is boost control logic based on MAF and turbo speed?

3- No VN tables. Just max Vane position tables.

4- Live data only reads 37 psi MAP.

My theory is that 100% VN position is part of the emissions system operation strategy. Can I replicate this with emissions off, and HP tuners?

Thanks in advance.

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Using the minimum vane position table you can raise the values in the idle part of the map to force the VGT towards the position of your desired sound. I would suggest somewhere in the low 90's, as 100% is pretty tight.

Hope this is helpful,


Thank you Nick. I will try that.

What about the boost control strategy on this model?