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Early 04 Cummins with FMVB

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Like title said plan on tuning early 04 cummins with full manual valvebody.. Has fixed line pressure and the only wiring going to the trans is for lockup and overdrive.. To start with my plan is to disable all of the transmission related codes that pop up and go from there? or should I be looking at more things? This an original auto truck.. Any help is appreciated..


Depending what O.S. is used you may be in a position where you're against a fuel limiter. If I recall correctly the truck isn't going to appreciate the lack of a TTVA being plugged in or it may think it's in neutral (if you use a manual O.S.). I'm sure you'll learn more once you run and log the truck.


Thanks for the reply! This truck did not come with a ttva from the factory. And I'm using hpt, I didn't think you could swap os with that software, like you can with efi live?

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