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36-1 trigger issuses

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For a while now I have issues understanding to trigger set up. I get to the trigger angle and first tooth and, I have 6th tooth and 60 as the trigger angle for a 36-1. i just recently received a pdf as a example they had a 24 tooth wheel and the setting that were suggested was 2nd tooth and 30 or 1st tooth and 60. With that information plus what is on the client got 0 and 10° with is impossible being 30 is the minimum. For a while I've had hand the settings 6th tooth and 60° but never could control anything but the rev limit. I cant check timing with a light while cranking because the is no signal for some reason but the engine is synced. Any help would be appreciated.

Fix your timing light issue. You are going to be lost without it. It's not uncommon to be unable to get a light to work while cranking, so you just have to try different offsets (start with likely numbers based on documentation from the ECU, but always try + or - 360 degrees if trying to run synchronous). Get the engine to run, then use the timing light to get the offset set correctly. Good Luck.