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G'day guys. I wanted some advice on what AFR meter to purchase. I had the LM2 in mind however it's a bit on the pricey side while having mixed reviews on their quality. What other options are out there? I really like the lm2 for the CAN capabilities. I at one point was thinking of DIYing an AFR meter with the help of 14point7 Controller and paired with an Arduino or something. Would people recommend that?

I've used an LM2 for about the last 10 years and had great reliability despite what many say about them. They actually don't output via CAN but serial instead, however this is quite easy to integrate with many loggers. I also use the MTX-L gauge which is just a gauge version of the same product but more designed around permanent installation.

Hey Andre, Thanks for the response. I am currently gauging whether it is worth getting the dual-channel kit over the single-channel or not? whether the basic kit is sufficient or not? and whether the OBD scan features are worth getting whilst I am just starting.

I am confused about what will be sufficient for most jobs as I have a tendency of always trying to get all the features of products and later realizing it was not worth it.