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Hi Andre, Planing to build 2.3L 4G63T with Garret GT40888R and 6 Speed TC-SST. As there are so many options available any advice on the best route in terms of parts choices and key points to look for during the build to get a reliable engine?


i would start with a plan of what the car is being used for, The weight of the car, The power your aiming for and then the fuel needed to get that power and whats available

work out what parts will be needed to get that power, once you think you have what you need run it past us to see what we think. dont cheap out on good gear.

Regards Ross

I'd also add you consider that transmission and it's torque limits - it's a dual clutch, so if you need to upgrade just those it may be difficult and expensive as you're in Russia, if you need to modify the internals, even more expensive. You may need to fit a better LSD and gearing may also be a problem.

I'm unfamiliar with that transmission, but I suspect it is going to limit just how far you can push the engine work - you may need to look at a torque limit and go for rpm for best power.

Ah, seems Getrag suggest a limit of 347-375 lbs.ft of torque, but these things are always 'safe' figures, so you could probably push a bit further.

That said, it seems they are rather substantial bits of kit, and the main problems lie elsewhere - I found this guys series of videos on that tran's and it should be of interest to you for keeping it reliable -