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Course paid for itself

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As the title says, this course has probably already paid for itself.

I am building a Nissan VQ30 with custom pistons and rings.

I have previously rebuilt a 235BHP 9500RPM 4A-GE with really lose clearances and never really thought about checking piston ring end gaps. Never had problem, possibly as it always had the same spec pistons/rings in the same block as when it was originally professionally built.

Following your course I checked the gaps on the new rings for the VQ30. Was a bit shocked to see the top ring was 0.2-0.3mm on JE 2014 pistons. The rest of the gaps were on spec.

Piston ring filer ordered.

Thanks. Might NOT have caused an issue, but knowing my luck with this engine so far (very long story), probably would have!

Nice work! Glad to hear the course proved valuable and yes, those end gaps could certainly have resulted in a nasty outcome!