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Just wondering what tolerance you would expect your machinist to balance your chankshaft to? Also is it likely that when you change your main bolts to arp will the bearing caps distort and go oval and need to get it line bored. And is it true that the piston rings will wear oval with the bores and more compression will be lost if you remove pistons and spin rings to different place and reinstall back in the bores. I know your supposed to do a rebuilt at this stage but just curious what the result would be.

Hello about 2oz inches common for factory tolerances and 1.25oz inches is what i would expect in a good balancing machine

and when changing main bolts out for studs you should always measure the tunnels

rings should be thrown out in good practice engine building but i have just finished a test of c.p piston rings over 3 years of running a drift engine pulling it down after each season i have checked every clearance and reused every component including the rings bearings etc and before refitting the ring carefully measured them. there is still very minimal wear and the cylinder leakage is under 5 percent when measured