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I was looking for information Moristech P12 PDM. only Distributor i found was Rywire. While looking at moristechs website it's kinda limited. I was hoping to find a pdf or install manual that i could look over. I'd appreciate some input and experience that anyone might have to offer

Not one I'm familiar with unfortunately Joseph. Have you reached out yo Rywire?

Watched a video he did on youtube while i was searching for options and checked to see what he had on his site. then looked at what little was on Moristech's site. although i'm thinking i might spend a little more and get a pdm16 from ecumasters. seems like it might be a better choice for my intentions

^ I've been researching PDUs and for the money, you can't do better than the ECU Master PDU. A very close 2nd place (in my opinion) would be the Racepak Smartwire system. I can't seem to find anyone using the Morristech to offer opinions