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I was looking for information Moristech P12 PDM. only Distributor i found was Rywire. While looking at moristechs website it's kinda limited. I was hoping to find a pdf or install manual that i could look over. I'd appreciate some input and experience that anyone might have to offer

Not one I'm familiar with unfortunately Joseph. Have you reached out yo Rywire?

Watched a video he did on youtube while i was searching for options and checked to see what he had on his site. then looked at what little was on Moristech's site. although i'm thinking i might spend a little more and get a pdm16 from ecumasters. seems like it might be a better choice for my intentions

^ I've been researching PDUs and for the money, you can't do better than the ECU Master PDU. A very close 2nd place (in my opinion) would be the Racepak Smartwire system. I can't seem to find anyone using the Morristech to offer opinions

I've got software and manuals from Morristech. I don't know if it's okay to share it, so I will post my opinion. Wiring diagrams are easy to understand with a bit of research on PDMs. Software is simple to use.

The only feature that is nice to have is inrush current adjustment. PDM uses time-based function to allow inrush. For example, If the fuse value is set to 10A, you will be able to pull 15A for 7 seconds, 25A for 2 seconds and 35A for 1 second.

I've found Morristech PDM at GR Motorsport Electrics in Australia significantly cheaper than at Rywire, so I decided to pull the trigger. Total price shipped to Russia was 1/2 of the Ecumaster's PMU with CAN interface. I will post updates when I recieve the unit.

Thanks for the info, I look forward to seeing more info when you've got it in hand - I'm looking at one of these PDMs for my build.

I've just received the unit. It arrived packaged in a sufficient amount of bubble wrap with printed diagrams, so no bells and whistles included.

The only caveat is that the maximum wire gauge for PDM's AMP Superseal connector is 14AWG (16 AWG with original terminals shipped with PDM, 14 AWG with 1-1437284-0 terminals). I've attached diagrams to post.

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Thank you this has helped me very much in my line of thought