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Split shielded cable between connectors

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I'm wiring a MegaSquirt MS3X ECU which has 2 DB37 connectors. I'm using 3 wire shielded cable for both the crank and cam position sensors (+12V, ground and signal). On connector #1, it has pins for crank sensor signal, crank sensor ground, and shield ground. Connector #2 only has a pin for cam position sensor signal. Currently, I take the shielded cable for the cam sensor all the way to connector #2, then take all the wires but the signal back to last branch and then to connector #1 where I splice it together with the crank sensor and into the appropriate pins. Is that the right approach here? That has led me to the issue I just posted about as well, where I kept the branch too short because of this, which was a terrible mistake. I'm afraid that if I go with the right branch length (~230mm if I'm remove the extra tiny branch I introduced for this), it would be too long to run it out of the shielded cable.

You will likely be fine. OEMs often run without any shielded cables for their crank and cam sensors. In the future, I would just run a separate wire for sensor ground and shield ground from one connector to the the other for use by the shielded cables.

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