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Compression increase on otherwise stock LS 6 L V8

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I recently did a cylinder head job on a 2001 GMC Denali 6. I went with the 706 heads instead of the stock 817 heads which gives a bump in compression from 9.5 to 1 up to 10 to 1. The only other modifications would be at 4 in intake and a set of headers and 3 in exhaust deleting the cats. I'm using HP tuners and was wondering what type of initial modifications to the ECU ettings should I make for the increase in compression? Normally you can add a few degrees of timing to a stock engine but I'm assuming since the compression is higher I would probably be fine with the stock timing table to start with. Let me know what you think?

Hi Jay i would start logging and go slowly watching the logging for knock

the fuel will maybe be a bit leaner but compensations in the stock map will be fine to get a bit of logging done

build your way up the rpm and load ranges

take your time

Regards Ross