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Hi Guys,

So i just put together my ls7 in my C6 z06 and have the following:

Frankenstein Ls7 Ported HeadsGreg Good HPC Hulk LS7 camMamo Ported MSDKatech 103mm TBVararam SC1RATI DamperC5R Timing chainjohnson 2110R liftersCHE Trunnion UpgradeARH 1 7/8 headers3 inch exhaust to stock mufflers

I followed the video on Big Cam tuning, and converted the ECU to the 2 Bar OS patch. I followed the video to a tee and finally can get the car to idle but definitely not very good. I increased the idle airflow final maximum roughly 15% more, increased the timing, and created the SD EQ Error table and keep adjusting it.

The RPM is set at 900 rpm across all tables and ECT has no impact on it. It wont idle at 900 and the timing is also not representative of what is in my base idle timing table and does not follow the timing that is in the hi and low octane timing tables.

I have also verified that the timing for the overspeed and under speed ( i have not touched it) is not correlating correctly with the base idle timing tables.

i also see that my commanded eq seems to also not be following the EQ that i have input. Is there something that i am overlooking?

What AFR at idle and I would set base idle spark table to 15 degrees across board timing is too high and I would adjust commanded idle speed to 950-1000rpm. Fuel has to be dialed in perfect before you can dial in idle airflow

Currently under the Commanded EQ from 0 - 1200 rpm. i have the power enrichment - EQ Ratio from 0 - 1200 RPM set to 1.10 = .9 lambda which is roughly 13.36 air/fuel

Log your desired idle airflow. If you've added 15% to Final airflow minimum from stock it probably isn't enough. You will likely need to be just under double the stock values.

Do you have a tune file and log?

Hey Ben,

I tried looking for that channel and did not see desired airflow. All i have is desired RPM for idle.

I found -8 of timing at .24g cylinder air mass in the base table which is most likely causing the car bucking as it jumps around. I think the other tune someone put in was trying to accomplish the crackle on decel. i moved that -8 over to the coastdown timing.

I had issues before uploading files but i will try again.

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power enrichment eq table is not your main fuel table that is only for open loop loop fueling under wot. You need to dial in your main ect vs fuel table. And sounds like your way to rich at idle and too much timing to start off with. And like I said idle air is the last thing you will dial in. Have to dial in fueling before you can properly calibrate your idle airflow control.

Are you refering to the open loop fuel table which is ECT vs Intake valve temp? That is the only table under open loop that represents anything related to ect and fuel. All those tables are set to 1 and havent been touched.