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Looking to get help to start a basemap for 2013 Toyota 86

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I have already finished scaling the Fueling table and limters. Running into problems on timing table and cam timing table setup, i am not too sure where to start? The car setup is Greddy turbo kit, will be running off wastegate pressure which is 9psi/1.6bar.

I also installed a race rom into the current map. But i cannot find out the tab for Fuel Map mode 2-4 and boost control table, any insights are appreciated.

Have you followed through the Toyota 86 worked example in the Practical Reflash course?

This is for a supercharger but the map configuration If you've added the race rom features then fuel maps 2-4 should be visible in the tree structure. You'll also find that on page 47 of the Race Rom custom maps help file there is information on boost control setup.

Yes I did. But I was reading the manual for ECUTEK I need to be a ECUtek tuner to get access to those race rom custom maps.