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Mafless tune with larger injectors (LSA) fluffy idle and hunting

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Hi all,

Recently tuned a VE 6.0 Mafless and it had larger injectors (LSA) and since inputting the data it has a bit of a fluffy idle like a slight missfire. It also hunts a little bit and it was a little tricky to get it to target lambda at idle and light load around 1000rpm.

Under heavier load and cruise zone it was fine.

With HP tuners, is there anything I can do to try correct this issue as I feel it is an issue with injector data somewhere but I'm unsure where to start.

Cruise was easy to dial in and heavier loads were pretty straightforward also. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Next time I see the car I will get a snapshot of the data so I can see what the timing is doing but if anyone else has seen a bit if a missfire and idle hunting after changing injectors any help or direction would be appreciated.



It sounds like you possibly haven't copied over all the required injector data from the LSA calibration. The easiest way to do this is to use an LSA calibration and then utilise the compare function in HP Tuners to see which values are different and then copy these across. I'd suggest doing this before you worry about anything else as otherwise you'll potentially be baking errors into your VE table. From here it's just a case of using the AFR error data to dial in the VE table correctly.

100% every bit of data that was different between the two (I used data from the HP tuners sepository) and the data is correct.

I'll triple check again shortly, that being correct, possibly thinking it has an issue with an injector?

Edit- I missed 3 right down the bottom see the lower pictures.

Found some tables right down the bottom I did not copy across correctly. Will make these changes and re check on the dyno.

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This table is the one I am hoping that will fix alot of the issues I have. The difference between the stock injectors to the LSA injectors was huge. .3 mili seconds to 1.3 Mili seconds. What do you recon?

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