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Monitoring knock with COBB AP 2003 WRX

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Hey guys,

I am currently tuning my 2003 WRX USDM car with COBB access port and access tuner software. I have, in the past, had my plex knock monitor installed on the engine and graphed knock with my laptop. The engine is just stock at the moment and the last session tuning the car I verified that the plex reads knock at the same point the ECU is reading knock and removing timing. From this point forward as I make changes to turbo, intercooler, injectors and etc. Would I be ok to use just the COBB as my knock monitor as it takes some time to set up the plex unit every time I take it out?

Thanks in advance!!

Hello good question yes it will be fine but i would every now and then use the plex as a saftey check

Regards Ross