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Is that wide band AF meter and knock detection is really necessary for a basic reflashing? suppose if i have a vehicle that i want to reflash to get a little more power with punch ( say 1 bhp ) so i will be logging the ecu and make a small changes in wide open throttle area of my vehicle (say 6000rpm) and i will reflash it back . so in this case is that necessary to have a wide band afr and knock detection that i think as a cost adding props for a small project. ?

Also if i have a Ecu in my hand . How to connect that with my lap directly and see the maps ? is there any software for ecu logging . I surf the net and got a software called vector . so will it be helpful to connect just my ecu to lap and see what's in my ecu ?

The answer to your question will depend on the complexity of the ECU you're tuning. In many late model cars the ECU includes both knock detection and wideband AFR and provided both are accurate then there's no reason you can't use them. To answer your question in wider terms though, yes, AFR and knock detection are aspects I consider essential to tuning any engine. Even on engines that include knock detection I recommend using audio knock detection as explained in the body of the course.

The software and hardware that you require to reflash a particular car will depend on what car/ECU you're wanting to tune. There's no universal software.