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Hi, i hope someone can help me with this..

I'm using Bitedite Software for editing the file.

I want to tune the close loop but the value seems like correction factor value.

The map name Injection at close loop .

all the values on the table are 1.0 and at some cells 0.98 ( that is it not a lambda value )

i did tune the close loop for economy with alot of test to get the afr jump from 14.6 to 15.5

but NOT all cells works the same . For EX : If i took 35% at 3000 rpm around 10% of TPS will give me 15.0 afr and if i took 35% at 3200 rpm afr will be 15.5

Is there away to get direct measure of afr with this correction factor ?

If that correction was airmass values, How does it work wth afr to get the target i want ?

Also i realize reduce the values will reduce the maf g/s and advance the timing by itself and reduce the engine load