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Section Titles Needed

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Absolutely loving this course, excellent content, quality video and audio, one small suggestion if I may please. We could use Section Titles on the video screens. Currently we see the course title ie Practical Reflash Tuning and the Section Sub Title: Step 3: Configure Base Tune File however is that under HP TUNERS - HOLDEN / HSV R8 / CHEVY SS - BASIC or HP TUNERS - HOLDEN / HSV R8 / CHEVY SS - MAF RESCALE / VVE CALIBRATION as both Sections have the same Step 3, see what I'm saying.

I honestly do not mean to nit pick I just find myself jumping back and forth from the Contents page back to the video to ensure I am watching the proper video, this especially holds true once you consumed the entire course once and now just want to focus on the particular Section and Step you are tuning. Hope this makes sense