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Idle and fuel pressure

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I have purchased haltech fuel pressure sensor (HT-010910).

Sensor is wired correctly (avi15 to 750 elite + 5 volts supply + sensor ground 0 volt) and located into the fuel pressure regulator’s gauge port. I have inserted the same voltage number that is written on the paper which came with the sensor. Pull-up is disable. However, I still have no reading to my fuel pressure number display!!. Can someone provide me the correct way to calibrate it , please ? Maybe I have forget something is important !! I don’t know.

Another point might promote to what I have said is : I am using o2 closed loop system, because of that I see my VE numbers at idle is unrealistic (77%). What I think is that the ecu have no feedback of what happened to the fuel pressure regulator when it is vacuumed at idle. Am l right ?

Note :

-engine is 2jz

-injectors are 1000cc fic (dead time is correct)

- fuel base pressure is 53 psi without the idle vacuum and I have inserted this number to the base fuel pressure on my main page setup.