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I find that I cant get anywhere near medium load before i loose traction, anywhere from 3-3.5k onwards it is impossible to keep the thing stable so i can only tune up to this area. my idea is to remove timing across the board to drop torque down enough to be able to tune the fuel table. Is this an appropriate approach?

Have you tried using a higher gear to reduce the torque at the wheels? That would be my first thing to try.

hey Andre, yea so those tests were in 4th. I can use 5th and It will work, but the problem with that is the vehicle speeds are a bit excessive and a bit dangerous due to my lack of experience driving with a laptop. Better safe then sorry, so data logging it is. I guess I should've mentioned the Ign Map is already tuned to MBT.

Ah ok I see. Yes the balance between wheel torque and speed is a challenge with high powered cars. I still recall road tuning my old drag car at approximately 800 whp when our dyno broke - It was 'interesting' to say the least.

If you can't get traction while tuning, there's probably not too much chance that you'll have traction under normal driving conditions either though so you're going to still be passing through these areas of the map in a cloud of tyre smoke (probably sideways). If the car is going to be run down a drag strip with some proper tyres then you could use this opportunity to dial in the tune in these areas with traction.

What about taking a big and heavy car which retards the car which should be tuned?

For example with a well dimensioned towing bar?

It would be kinda tricky to be spot on particular cells, but I can imagine this could work. Any experiences?

haha nice idea, however i think it could be dangerous drifting while towing lol.. as it will just increase load on the engine, it wont give the tyres any more traction. Now.. Filling your boot with Sandbags.. well this could work maybe xD.

@Andre Id be real interested in seeing your old drag car, i had a squizzy but cannot find any Vids on it!

Yes! Maximum load in the trunk, wide sticky tires, heavy car behind and maybe you can choose a lower gear and don´t have to go that fast with high gears :D.

Maybe I´ll try with my E30 and X5 if I´m having issues with "conventional" road tuning^^. But I´m only expecting about 400-500HP ;)

I don't think I'd recommend the trailer idea either :/

If you're tuning something where traction is genuinely this much trouble then it's probably time to find a dyno even if this requires a reasonable drive to do so. Short of the drag strip/sticky slick tyre idea I mentioned above, this is going to be the only way to accurately tune the engine.