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345cc injectors on 4 cyl 2.0 turbo engine

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can someone help me to calculate if my injectors will be able to provide enough fuel with these settings:

car:saab 900 2.0


boost request(bar):screenshot1

virtual dyno:screenshot2

max rpm:6400



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A set of 345 cc injectors are pretty tiny for a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder turbo engine. At a stretch you'd probably be able to expect between about 275 and 300 hp on pump gas. I'm not sure what the units are in your virtual power graph unfortunately.

top graph is torque(nm) midle horse power lower i dont know.I am aiming somewhere between 260-270 hp but i want to know if the higher rpm range is suplied with fuel.

i know that to get a rough estimation of airflow i need to multiply torque by 2.9 if it is pump gas or 3.1 if e85 so at 4000 rpm i am makinng 448 nm times 3 and i have air flow 1344 mg/c

if mg/c miligrams per combustion than i need to multiply 1344 by 2000 and i get 2688000 miligrams per minute at 4000 rpm.

than i convert to grams and it is 2688 grams per minute of air and than i divide by 11 because that is the afr for wide open throtle and i get 244 grams of fuel per minute.

the problem is that its far to less that what i expect because these injectors should be alreadiy operating at their limits.

Could you correct me on this?

What max torque (nm)would you recomend on these injectors?it seems that 450nm is to high