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i have nissan y61 lsa swap mods is

ported supercharged

NW throttle BTR

stage 2 camshaft

1000x dynamic injectors

manly piston and connect road

boost is 13 psi

what is the correct AFR for 93 octane and spark around what + if i used AEM meth what will be the target AFR and its change if i used 50/50 mix or pure meth

Hi Abdullah, unless I had specific experience with your exact engine combination, it would be impossible for me to give you an absolute AFR to shoot for, or recommendations on ignition timing. This needs to be found for your particular engine using a dyno. I can say that a safe AFR to start your tuning from would likely be in the vicinity of 11.5:1 but from there you'll need to test and see how your engine responds. The Understanding AFR course covers exactly this.

As for WMI, I would not recommend exceeding a 50:50 mix as the fluid in your storage tank then becomes flammable and a safety concern. Irrespective of this, I aim for the same final AFR that I would use without WMI. If you're using any level of methanol in your mix, that will require you to trim fuel out when the WMI is active.