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How i get Best Target Of lambda in 3rz-fe engine

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how i get best target of lambda?



someone can correct me if I am wrong, but the best lambda isnt going to be determined by the engine. You must do some research on the fuel you are using and find out what the stoich point is.

Use a dyno, and try different target lambda values.

The advantage to using Lambda, is that a value of 1.0 is always the stoichiometric value regardless of fuel. By working in Lambda, you don't need to worry if one fuel has a stoichiometric AFR of 14.7:1 and another 14.2:1. Both will read Lambda 1.0 if the correct mass of fuel and air are combined for a complete combustion.

You will typically find maximum power (for normally aspirated applictions) at somewhere between 0.85 Lambda and 0.95 Lambda.