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Issues with HP Tuners and LM-2

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Having a huge issue with being able to get my LM-2 to talk to my HP tuners correctly.

I will mention that I can get it to work in Logworks 3 and it shows the same as the wideband, so I believe all my hardware is working and it's a software issue inside HP tuners.

I am using the D9 Cable and serial - USB adapter.

I am using the current version of HP tuners 4.2.12

I've followed everything on the interwebz and just can't figure it out. After a bunch of wasted time I found and downloaded an offset chart that is suppose to help with setting up widebands, and no luck. I've included a screenshot of what my HP tuners is showing me and the offset chart I found. This screen shot is of the value HP tuners shows be without my values/offsets inputed.

I have emailed and contacted HP tuners and no support from them.

I think I blew about 8-10 hours getting mine to work correctly and almost gave up. The key was to use the 'serial out' port on the side of the LM2 rather than trying to use the normal USB port on the top of the LM2. Using the innovate 4 pin serial cable with a serial to USB cable is all I've used to bring the data into my laptop. You obviously need to add the relevant PIDs for Innovate Lambda etc and then start scanning and you should be good to go. You also can't have LM Programmer of Log Works running simultaneously it seems.

Let me know if that helps.

Andre, do you know if hp tuners can log dual wideband from the LM2 3807? Looking to purchase this unit for doing carb and efi tuning. Curious to know if i could log a left and right bank with hp tuners. would be pretty neat i think.

Hi Joseph, please see my reply in your other thread.