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I'm looking for help on setting up a CAN keypad to work with a PDM, specifically the ECU Master keypad with the AIM PDM32. From what I understand, I will need to set up a custom protocol in Race Studio 3 (since AIM has not built a protocol for this keypad yet). The only CAN information I've been able to find on the keypad is in the link below, and it doesn't like all of the information I need.

I've watched webinars 034, 102, and 114, but still have a hard time understanding what needs to be done for my specific project. I know that I can purchase a keypad that AIM has already set up a protocol for, but I've been provided with these parts and I would like to learn how to do this for future projects.

Thanks in advance!

Are you looking to hire help? This is a non-trivial project even for someone with the tools and skills.

I think your first step is to contact ECU Master to request more CAN protocol information. Without that, you will need tools (such as a CAN analyzer) that allow you to examine the CAN bus traffic generated by the keypad.

Wanna just guess -- You might also try setting the baud rate to 125 kbps (creating a CAN output from your PDM to match the documention above) to match the AiM BlinkMarine keypad, and see if the Aim driver could work -- since this looks like the BlinkMarine keypad that Aim is offering.

It looks like more CAN information can be downloaded at the bottom of this link.

Is this enough information to create a custom protocol?