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Degreeing a camshaft webinar questions

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A few questions for you. How do you mechanically lock the high lift cam profile on the B18C in the webinar? I'm aware some people like to use air pressure to simulate the oil pressure the engine uses in operation. I have also heard something about swapping the pins around on the rocker mechanisms during engine assembly on #1 cylinder.

Are valve lash and valve clearance are referring to the same thing?

Finally, when cam manufactures supply a valve clearance value on the cam card, do these values vary between manufactures and is it common for them to be different from the workshop manual specs?

Thanks in advance. I use these pin to lock in high lift cam.

To be honest, anything that will fit in the VTEC pin bore will do the job. I used a couple of small brass open barrel crimps that we had lying around that happened to fit nicely behind the actuation pins. All you need is something to make the pins move and lock. It's only temporary and we aren't going to run the engine like this.

Valve clearance may be referring to valve lash, or it may also be used to discuss clearance between the valve and the piston depending on the context.

The lash clearance will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and is dependent on the clearance ramp on the cam. It's likely they will be similar between different manufacturers but they're likely to be similar.