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Fabulous introduction to Tuning with the MoTec. Thank you for another great video. Performance diesel is my main passion and this is the first time I have noticed HP discuss performance diesel. I have recently been considering ecu options for a custom build in my shop. Approximate goal is 200hp/litre. My question. This build requires a massively upgraded high prepress fuel pump from different application. There are a few of us approaching this and the big problem with oem ecu (Bosch Edc17) is wild fluctuations of rail pressure. This is directly related to the oem tuning reach for a set point of 25-35% duty cycle on hpfp metering valve. Is the MoTec able to address this specific control? I am also curious about the max boost limit and ability with control of vnt turbos. (more than one?) Thank you

I think you are likely to have trouble controlling a significantly different high pressure pump with a stock ECU. There is a lot that goes into the control of these pumps and it's likely that you may need to make changes to the control strategy that you may not have access to in your ECU definition. It's not something I've personally tried as yet but I can see the potential for it to be problematic.

The MoTeC ECU has complete control over the high pressure pump and you can adjust the control strategy as required to cope with a modified pump. It also can control VNT turbos - The 1KD uses a stepper motor to control the VNT position and the M150 simply translates the boost control duty cycle into a requested position for the stepper motor. As I mentioned in the webinar though, currently this product is in beta and I'm not sure when it is available for public release.