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Plex knock webinar suggestion

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I really enjoyed the webinar of the knock monitor system. I learned alot on the setups and how to navigate thru the system.

What I would love to suggest for would be for another webinar of using this system while actually performing a tune on a very knock limited engine also noisey engine for example an sr20 with the plex sensor in the oem location of the sr20 knock sensor and also with the lowest grade rating fuel that the pump has to offer.

I really am struggling with sr20 engines here in California where octane rating the best we have is 91.

I sadly do not have a dyno myself or an sr20 to just spend hours in the dyno to perform many tests like as many have access to.

I would also love to see how Andre would setup the plex when the engine is being tuned at a low boost setting. Setup the knock threshold and then with that same threshold at that boost level, increase the boost level significantly and perform a known well safe run and see if the knock monitor threshold needs to be reset for the boost level that the engine is now seeing. Or if the low boost setting threshold is the one for all boost levels. Does that make sense?

Hope this webinar is possible to be made.

Thanks for your time and knowledge.

Hey Daniel, thanks for your suggestion. I'll see what we can put together for you.

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