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Previous webinars: Link charge cooling coefficient

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Was wondering when this webinar would be available to be viewed on the site?

We have been fighting a lack of broadband for the moment until we get our fibre connection set up. Ben will attempt to have the webinar up next week.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi Brad,

We have uploaded that webinar. Here is the link:

Thanks guys. Looks as though I am going to have to spend a fair amount more time with my set up after watching that webinar.

I am using the G4+ in the modeled multi fuel equation. Everything seemed fine from the dyno and street tuning, but after a 2 day drift event this past weekend there is still much more work to be done.

Will you guys be doing any coverage on any dashes? Motec, Aimsport, Race Technologies, etc?

Many thanks,


We may consider doing some webinars around dashes although I can't promise anything in the immediate future.