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Webinar request: Hot-Start and hot fuel strategies

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I have found that when starting a car that had previously been running, the injectors and intake air has heat soaked and may influence the way that it starts up. Also, I have found that when the car is hot a tune that was previously dead on might start to go lean. I am curious as to ways to deal with this issue.

Currently I rely on EGO correction to handle it, but I don't like it because I feel like I am relying too much on it and asking it to make too large of corrections.

It's a tough issue to deal with perfectly since there's no real way to know exactly the effect of the heat soak. There's so many aspects that will affect it such as drive time pre shut off, how long the car has sat before restarting, ambient temp etc.

I deal with this using a post start enrichment table which allows additional enrichment for a period of time after a restart. Focusing on adding additional fuel at higher operating temps for 30-40 seconds is a big help but won't fix all your woes. Beyond that closed loop fuel control should be able to deal with the remaining variation.