How to Redeem your Link / ViPEC Voucher

This guide will help you redeem a Link / ViPEC voucher. 

Step 1

Start by navigating to the course that the voucher code has been issued for, see this list of all courses.  

Step 2

Click the "Purchase Now" button.

ResizedImage7794ad navigate to your course

Step 3

This will pop-up a box. Fill in the Email box, password, confirm password box. Tick the Terms and Conditions box. Then click "Continue".

email details

Step 4

Choose "HPA Voucher" as your payment method.

ResizedImage779458 click voucher as your payment method 1

Step 5

Enter the 16 digit HPA Voucher into the boxes titled "Voucher Number" and click "Pay Now". 

ResizedImage779458 enter voucher details

Step 6

Fill in your account details. Including a photo of yourself is optional. This information is used if/when you post on the forum, attend webinars or comment on posts. 

ResizedImage779458 fill in your details

Step 7

You can access your training course via your Dashboard under "My Courses".

navigate to your course

Step 8

You can start watching your course immediately by clicking "View Modules".

ResizedImage779458 navigate to your course 2 1

If you have any problems at all redeeming your voucher, please contact us and we will help right away.