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Learn more about motorsport wiring

If you are interested in building a high quality, reliable, good looking wiring looms that don’t cost the world, you should come along to this free wiring lesson.

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In this live lesson you will learn:

  1. How to rope wire together
  2. How to choose the correct wire for your application
  3. What tools you will need to get started
  4. The difference between a professional and club level loom
  5. What concentric twisting is and why you would use it
  6. How to splice, crimp and terminate wires

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  • Starts In:19 hours
  • Day:
  • Date:
    22 August 2019
  • Time:
    (US Pacific)
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Live, Online, Video Lesson - 100% Free

Zac Perston

Tuner / Host

Zac is a technical educator here at HPA and our resident 'anything electrical' guru. He has been involved in the automotive industry for many years at both a hobbyist level on his own vehicles and a professional level working on high-level single-seat racecars.

His geekdom is unquestioned, and Zac can often be found reading sci-fi, repairing broken 80's and 90's automotive electronics, or looking for his 10mm 1/4" drive socket.

Introduction to Wiring

Learn more about motorsport wiring

This lesson will cover what motorsport wiring is all about, you will see how to rope wiring, learn about different wire types, splicing wires, crimping and terminating connectors. You will learn makes a full professional motorsport loom different to the loom you would make for your street car or club level car including an introduction to concentric twisting. You will learn about the cost effective tools you will need to get the job done.

Live, Online Video Lesson - 100% free