Get Hands-On Tuning Experience From Your Living Room

1-on-1, Hands On, Tuning Lessons

There is one major hurdle that everyone battles with when learning to tune and that is taking those first steps and gaining hands-on experience for the very first time. Below you will see 3 hands-on lessons which will take you from ‘zero’ to tuning your first engine.

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Available World Wide

Available World Wide

It doesn't matter where you live, you will be able to operate the Remote Practice Dyno. All you need is an internet connection.

No Travel Costs

No Travel Costs

Because you are operating the dyno from your own home, there is no need for expensive travel, accommodation or taking time off work.

Guided Lessons Available

Guided Lessons Available

When you are learning you will have a lot of questions. During your lessons you will be able get help from the tutor right away.

No Risk, No Liability, No Worries

No Risk, No Worries

You will be tuning a real engine, on a real dyno, but you will have absolutely no responsibility for any damage that occurs, so you can focus on learning.

Book a time that suits you

Book a time that suits you

You can book a time that suits you. Fit it around work, school or other commitments. For ease you book in your local timezone and we do the conversions.

All equipment provided

All equipment provided

All you need is the a computer connected to the internet. The one you are using right now will do. We have all the tuning software and hardware you will need.

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Lesson One

$199.00 USD

In this lesson, you will learn how to use the Remote Practice Dyno equipment. During this initial introduction we will teach you how to operate the engine's throttle, set up the dyno to run in steady state and how to make changes in the tuning software. You will also get a glimpse into the features you will use in later lessons. You will perform dyno exercises that reinforce topics from the EFI Tuning Fundamentals course - In this lesson you will perform steady state fuel tuning and steady-state ignition tuning.

This lesson includes 1 hour of dyno time.

What you will learn
  • How an EFI system works
  • How to optimise the Ignition Advance
  • How to choose the correct Air Fuel Ratio
  • Essential EFI Components
  • What is Airflow and Volumetric Efficiency
  • Fuel and Ignition Table Resolution

Lesson Two

$199.00 USD

Choosing the correct AFR is an essential part of the tuning process, as is tuning the engine to run at your chosen AFR. In this lesson, you will learn to make changes to an AFR target table. You will learn how to test a wide range of AFRs to see the affects this has on the engines exhaust gas temperature (EGT), knock sensitivity and torque. You will also perform tests to see how ignition timing affects AFR. During this lesson, you will learn how to perform dyno ramp runs.

This lesson includes 1 hour of dyno time.

What you will learn
  • Understand and change an AFR Target Table
  • Test how AFRs affects Torque
  • Measure the AFRs affect on Exhaust Gas Temp (EGT)
  • Perform Dyno Ramp Runs
  • Test how AFR affects Knock Sensitivity
  • Test Ignition Timing’s affect on AFR

Lesson Three

$695.00 USD

In Lesson 3, you, with the guidance of your tutor will complete a tune from start to finish. You will learn how to configure the ECU from scratch, you will learn how to create base fuel and ignition tables and then completely tune them using steady state and ramp run methods. During this tuning process, you will be using audio and graphical knock detection and torque feedback from the dyno. This lesson starts with a very structured lesson and then allows you free time to complete the tuning, and when you need help, your tutor will be there to provide immediate assistance.

This lesson includes 5 hours of dyno time.

What you will learn
  • Use and Understand Audio Knock Detection
  • Identify Engine Knock from Background Noise
  • Configure and Test a ‘Blank’ ECU
  • Tune a stable idle
  • Completely Tune Fuel using Steady State and Ramp Runs
  • Completely Tune Ignition using Steady State and Ramp Runs

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Common Questions

What ECU are the lessons on?

During the lessons you will be using a Link G4+ however, the lesson will be applicable to you no matter the ECU you are planning to use.

How fast does my internet connection need to be?

A standard broadband internet connection is all your need.

Does your same 60 day money back Guarantee apply?

Yes, if you purchase lessons but don’t book your dyno time we will happily refund the lessons.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you will get a certificate for each lesson.

What equipment will I need?

All you will need is a computer, headphones with a mic and an internet connection. We take care of the rest.

What happens if the engine is damaged?

While we have safety strategies in place to prevent the engine being damaged if the worst does happen then we will refund your current booking while we replace the engine. Once we are back up and running you can start where you left off. There is no liability and no cost to you.

What video training courses do you recommend I take before my lessons?

Ideally, you would take EFI Tuning Fundamentals before Lesson 1, Understanding AFR before Lesson 2 and Practical Standalone Tuning before Lesson 3.

When can I book my lessons?

While we do have standard hours if these don’t fit we are happy to work around your needs.