Hands On 1-on-1 EFI Training | Tune in Real Time, Any Time

Have you just poured blood, sweat, tears (and money!) into an engine build that you're too scared to tune? Do you know what knock (pinging or detonation) sounds like? Our Live Remote Practice Dyno is the perfect place to overcome these obstacles and fears.

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There is one major hurdle that everyone battles with when learning to tune. Gaining the confidence to take the first steps needed in order to gain hands-on experience. For some online course material is more than enough, and for others, this can be a very daunting experience particularly if the first tune is using an engine they have invested long hours and a small fortune into building. Understandably there are going to be some nerves at play, it's only natural.

Others might not have access to a vehicle to tune, or they simply want to learn as quickly and efficiently as possible, and for all of these reasons 1-on-1 lessons like this are your solution.

The idea of 'learning' any new skill always incurs some form of mistake making. But when it comes to tuning high-performance engines, not everyone can afford to make these mistakes. There is no better way to put what you have been learning into practice than our online remote dyno. It's a safe way to tune your first engine while being personally guided every step of the way by an experienced tuner.  

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With the knowledge and experience, you can go from 'zero' to tuning your first engine in 60-days or less by learning the 10 step tuning process - and then applying that knowledge on a real engine. You will start with a blank map and unconfigured ECU and gain steady state fuel and ignition tuning experience, perform ramp runs, listen for knock, and learn all about AFR and the effect it has on the engine. All while making real time changes with 100% safety, at no risk to you, or your own vehicle. By the time you have finished, you will have tuned engine that runs smoothly and safely pushing maximum power - Start to finish.

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In combination with HPA course material, the 3 part lesson series, will take you all the way through the HPA 10 Step Process. 

Some people may be able to jump into tuning their first engine right after doing our online courses. But the ability to dive into hands on, 1-on-1 lessons, with 100% of the tutor's attention on you, and your learning, puts this type of training in a league of its own.

We also understand that we have members in all corners of the globe. Everyone is busy, and finding time in your own time zone can be hard enough. But don't worry. We are dedicated to making it work for you, around your commitments.

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On top of that, you also have access to course material that you can reference for LIFE, not just some printed notes that end up getting lost every time you want to reference them.

If you have any questions, just send us an email or message. We'll get you pointing in the right direction for your individual tuning needs and goals. For more information and to purchase your own lessons, click here.