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425 whp bseries civic ek. 10.56@129

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This was an eBay bargain buy to start off with that was Spose to just be a bit of fun for the road.

Anyway we picked the car up for little money because it was unfinished, didn't really know much about it and was taking a bit of a risk but anyway we got it home it it was quite obvious a few parts wanted changing. This was all built on a complete budget there was no crazy priced parts really for what it achieved. This was a joint venture between me and one of my mates so we could enjoy it, it ended up never going on the road and ended up just being a track car

getting into the 10's on a budget build is impressive by anyone's standard. the final car looks good as a drag slag

All the best

Ek looks nice, good results too.

i think i know this car!

you'll likely recognize mine aswell when you see it. You tune it yourself or?

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