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When we first started HPA, our goal was to improve the level of knowledge, professionalism and results in the EFI tuning market. It’s a market we’ve worked in for many years and one we’re incredibly passionate about helping and improving. HPA has been around for 4 years now and over that time we’ve been able to help over 4000 of you either learn the fundamentals of EFI tuning or improve and expand on your existing tuning knowledge. We know this has changed the career paths for many of our members, while for others it’s allowed them to develop a skill they may have thought was unachievable. 

This has been immensely rewarding and satisfying, however, we know we’re just scraping the surface.

The world of EFI tuning, as well as the broader industry of automotive performance and modification, is huge, and there’s one common trend throughout the entire industry - A serious lack of easy to access accurate and trustworthy information. This makes it hard for those just trying to step into the industry, as well as those trying to expand their skills, to learn, and we want to continue to help.

We’ve come a long way over the last 4 years and HPA has changed from a part-time operation to a full-time business with its own dedicated facility. We’re incredibly happy with what we’ve achieved so far, and how many of you we’ve been able to help with our courses, webinars and forum support. It’s time to take HPA to the next level and for us to do so, we’re asking for your help.

We have a huge amount planned for the future, however, to achieve it we need to expand our operation. We're talking here about our facility as well as staff. We’re not the sort of guys to ask for handouts though so we’ve put together a special VIP deal.

What is the VIP deal?

Becoming a VIP means that you will never pay for another course for the rest of your life. You’ll get access to every course we’ve already created, as well as any course we produce in the future. You’ll also get lifetime access to our online community including our webinars and our forum. 

There is a one time fee to become a VIP member of $1497 USD, however, this represents just a fraction of the value this deal will offer you. You’ll receive recognition online of your support and contribution towards our ability to teach more subjects to even more people. You’ll also receive one hour of hands-on tuning time on our online practice dyno to help practice and hone the skills you’ve learned through our courses. 

With the courses we already offer, combined with the courses we have planned for the future, VIP membership will save you thousands of dollars. 

Planned Courses

This list comprises the current course ideas that we are planning to develop and release within the next 24 months. We have already started production on Engine Building, Flex Fuel Tuning and Traction Control Tuning. Please note that this list is subject to change at any time. 

  • Engine building Fundamentals  | Completed
  • Practical Engine Building | Completed
  • Flex Fuel Tuning
  • Diesel Tuning Fundamentals - Common Rail
  • Setting Valve Timing Events (Dialling in Camshafts)
  • Cylinder Head Sealing for High Boost Applications
  • Turbocharger Selection and Matching
  • Direct Injection Tuning Fundamentals - Gasoline
  • Understanding and Decoding CAN Messages
  • Advanced Motorsport Wiring - Harness Design
  • Advanced Motorsport Wiring - Concentric Twisting
  • Advanced Motorsport Wiring - Termination and Sheathing
  • Data Logging and Data Analysis
  • Dyno Operation - Mainline (you can find webinars on this for now in the archive)
  • Traction Control Tuning
  • Antilag Tuning
  • Programming a Power Distribution Module


How it will help us to help you

We’re committed to your learning and we know you’re going to love the course we have planned for the future. 

While we will be continuing to develop our EFI tuning courses and providing the same level of webinar content you’re already enjoying, we will also be branching out to include engine building and motorsport wiring too. These are two more areas of our industry where the same confusion, misinformation and lack of knowledge still abounds. We’re excited to bring the same training techniques that have helped so many in the EFI tuning world and expand them to cover a wider range of topics.

We know that if you’re interested in expanding your knowledge and learning how to build performance engines, or alternatively how to construct a professional motorsport wiring harness, then these new courses will be invaluable to you. 

What we’ve done so far

When we first started HPA, it was a part-time business and we both had other jobs. It was obvious though that there was a huge demand for the training we were offering and we made the decision to commit our full attention to HPA. Back two years ago we introduced our original VIP scheme and it was a huge success with over 70 of you investing. This gave us the ability to make some really large changes and invest in taking HPA to the next level. 

The original VIP membership allowed us to get our own dedicated facility - The HPA lab, here in Queenstown New Zealand. This was essential for us to increase the content and support we could offer you. In particular, it allowed us the ability to double the frequency of our live webinars and increase the number of courses we were producing, as well as vastly improving the quality. 

We were also able to purchase our Mainline chassis dyno for developing our webinars and course content, as well as our Mainline engine dyno so we could develop our online practice dyno. 

Finally, we were able to develop a complete website for HPA to integrate our courses, webinars, forum and blog all under the one roof and in doing so improve the flexibility and ease of use for you, our members. Split Payment Plan

To ensure you don't miss out, you have the option to pay half now which will confirm your VIP Package. Then pay the remaining half on or before November 30th 2016. Full VIP access will be given once the two payments have been made. Click "Split Payment" to make your first payment.

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