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If you’ve ever wanted to learn with HPA, then listen up as we’ve put together an amazing VIP deal that offers you some incredible benefits.

Becoming a VIP means that you will never pay for another course for the rest of your life.

What VIPs get: 

  • Instant Access to All Courses (17)
  • Free Access to all Future Courses
  • Unlimited Lifetime Gold Membership (Webinars & Forum Support)
  • HPA T'Shirt & Sticker Pack
  • VIP Membership to RaceCraft

Current Courses

You will get unlimited, full access to these courses as soon as you purchase VIP. 


  • Introduction to EFI Tuning
  • EFI Tuning Fundamentals
  • Understanding AFR
  • Practical Reflash Tuning
  • Practical Standalone Tuning
  • Boost Control
  • Ethanol and E85 Tuning
  • Launch Control
  • Link Software
  • MoTeC Software

Engine Building

  • Engine Building Fundamentals
  • Practical Engine Building
  • How to Degree A Cam


  • Wiring Fundamentals
  • Practical Wiring - Club Level
  • Practical Wiring - Professional Motorsport

Diesel Tuning

  • Diesel Tuning Fundamentals


Planned Courses

This list comprises the current course ideas that we are planning to develop and release in the coming years. We have already started production on Club Sport Wiring, Practical Diesel Tuning, and more Engine Building worked examples. Please note that this list is subject to change at any time. 

EFI Tuning

  • Cam Control Tuning
  • Direct Injection Fundamentals
  • Understanding and Decoding CAN Messages
  • Data Logging and Data Analysis
  • Traction Control Tuning
  • Antilag Tuning
  • Additions to Practical Reflashing Course
  • - HP Tuners Ford
  • - HP Tuners Gen V
  • - Open Source & Cobb Mitsubishi / Subaru

Diesel Tuning

  • Practical Diesel Tuning
    • Power Stroke
    • Duramax
    • Cummins

Engine Building

  • Additions to current Practical Course
    • GM LS Engine
    • Nissan SR20
    • Subaru FA20
    • Honda B18c
    • VW/Audi VAG 2.0T
    • Barra (mate)
    • Duramax
    • Power Stroke


  • Wiring PDM (Power Distribution Module)
  • Programming PDM
  • Display/Dash Configuration


Why VIP - The HPA Mission

When we first started HPA, our goal was to improve the level of knowledge, professionalism and results in the EFI tuning industry. It’s a market we’ve worked in for many years and one we’re incredibly passionate about helping and improving. HPA has been around for 7 years now and over that time we’ve been able to help over 34,000 of you either learn the fundamentals of EFI tuning, wiring and engine building, or improve and expand on your existing knowledge. We know this has changed the career paths for many of our members, while for others it’s allowed them to develop a skill they may have thought was unachievable. 

This has been immensely rewarding and satisfying, however, we know we’re just scraping the surface.

The world of EFI tuning, as well as the broader industry of automotive performance and modification, is huge, and there’s one common trend throughout the entire industry - A serious lack of easy to access accurate and trustworthy information. This makes it hard for those just trying to step into the industry, as well as those trying to expand their skills, to learn, and we want to continue to help.

We’ve come a long way over the last 7 years and HPA has changed from a part-time operation to a full-time business with its own dedicated facility and team. We’re incredibly happy with what we’ve achieved so far, and how many of you we’ve been able to help with our courses, webinars and forum support. It’s time to once again take HPA to the next level and for us to do so, we’re asking for your help.

We have a huge amount planned for the future, however, to achieve it we need to expand our operation. 

What we’ve done so far

When we first started HPA, it was a part-time business and both Ben and Andre (Founders) had other jobs. It was obvious though that there was a huge demand for the training we were offering and we made the decision to commit our full attention to HPA. Back 4 years ago we introduced our original VIP scheme and it was a huge success with over 70 of you investing. This gave us the ability to make our website and commit to going full time which took HPA to the next level.  

The original VIP membership allowed us to get our own dedicated facility - The HPA lab, here in Queenstown New Zealand. This was essential for us to increase the content and support we could offer you. In particular, it allowed us the ability to double the frequency of our live webinars and increase the number of courses we were producing, as well as vastly improving the quality. 

We were also able to purchase our Mainline chassis dyno for developing our webinars and course content. 

VIP memberships have helped us grow the HPA team with a dedicated customers support guru (Taz) and his sidekick (Lauren), 2 videographers (Jono and Scott), a hands-on tuning tutor (Alan), a mechanic (Brandon).  This also helped us to upgrade to a 4WD dyno, a dedicated studio for filming engine building and wiring courses and a remote dyno system that allows hands on tuning practice to our members.

This round of VIP will help us grow even more. We are aiming to add 3 more full time tutors and open a second studio. These tutors will be producing new course content and making additions to existing courses. 


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