Race Driving Fundamentals

Learning to drive faster has never been easier

Trail braking, weight transfer, driver vision and the perfect racing line - These are all concepts you’re going to need to master if you want faster and more consistent lap times. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned racer, I can guarantee that there will be areas where you can improve your driving and that is where this course can help you.  

HPA's Race Driving Fundamentals course condenses over 20 years of knowledge from both top level professional racing and driver coaching, and provides you with a solid understanding of the theory, skills, and techniques that you need to master in order to go faster. This will ensure you aren’t left making the same mistakes lap after lap and will provide you with an analytical approach to analysing and improving your driving.

In this course you will learn how to utilise weight transfer to optimise grip and handling balance, how to get the absolute most out of the traction available, and how to analyse each corner in order to break it down into its individual phases and optimise your line. Along with key tips from the pros on onboard video, visualisation, data analysis, and more, this course is going to help rapidly accelerate your performance on track.  

Who is this for?

Whether you're a complete beginner just putting your first laps in at the race track, or an experienced racer who's got a few seasons under their belt, you're bound to learn actionable lessons to help you drive faster. This course starts at the fundamental concepts of racing and expands from there. If you get into the course and realise you already know anything, no worries. We stand by our product and offer a no questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee.

Included 1-on-1 Support via the Forum

This course includes 3 months of support in the members-only support forum. In this forum you will be able to get quick and reliable answers direct from the tutor. You’ll also get access to regular live webinar lessons that focus on key aspects of car setup, data analysis and race driving. If you can’t watch live then you can rewatch these webinars in the archive. 

What you will learn
  • How to utilise Weight transfer to optimize grip
  • How to get the most out of the traction available
  • Discover how to analyse each corner and optimise your line
  • An analytical approach to breaking down your corner performance
  • Key tips from the pros with years of experience
  • How to look at data to improve your driving

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Course Curriculum

  • Introduction 04.50
  • How To Use This Course 02.27
  • Disclaimer 01.39
  • A Quick Clarification 00.52
  • Traction Circle 06.33
  • Practical Discussion 04.46
  • Weight Transfer 11.39
  • Practical Discussion 06.21
  • Understeer 05.40
  • Oversteer 06.24
  • Practical Discussion 04.28
  • Brake Application 08.55
  • Practical Demo 10.30
  • Trail Braking 06.24
  • Practical Demo 04.52
  • Heel & Toe 08.45
  • Practical Demo 02.55
  • ABS vs Conventional Brake Systems 06.45
  • Practical Discussion 06.56
  • Brake Bias 05.52
  • Practical Discussion 05.58
  • The Cornering Phases 06.12
  • Turn Into the Apex 04.45
  • Practical Discussion 06.51
  • Mid Corner 05.34
  • Practical Discussion 03.57
  • Corner Exit 03.48
  • Practical Discussion 04.04
  • Full Cornering Process Demo 13.17
  • Where To Look 04.51
  • Practical Demo 06.03
  • 5 Things You're Probably Doing Wrong 04.49
  • Understanding the Apex 08.37
  • Practical Demo 04.32
  • Prioritising Circuit Corners 03.09
  • Practical Demo 08.43
  • Defensive Lines 05.21
  • Practical Demo 02.46
  • Wet vs Dry Lines 06.19
  • Practical Demo 05.34
  • Onboard Video 12.53
  • Visualisation 02.40
  • Track Walk 03.17
  • Practical Demo 09.24
  • Simulators 06.05
  • Practical Discussion 09.20
  • Data Analysis 02.25
  • Practical Demo 10.40
  • Driving Position 05.46
  • Pedal Spacing & Height 04.00
  • Seat Selection, Rigidity & Seat inserts 04.14
  • Visibility 03.13
  • Conclusion 02.10
  • Request Certification 00.07

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