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Race Driving Fundamentals: Corner Exit

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Corner Exit


00:00 - If we've got the last two phases of our corner right, the corner exit phase should be relatively straight forward and easy to optimise.
00:08 A good corner exit where we can get back to full throttle early will pay dividends the entire way down the next straight so it's a very important key to fast lap times.
00:17 The corner exit is simply the point following the apex where we can begin to smoothly transition back onto the throttle as we reduce steering lock.
00:26 What we're doing during this phase is all about riding the rim of the traction circle yet again.
00:32 We've come from the mid corner phase where the car was generating maximum lateral force with no longitudinal force.
00:38 We know that in order to begin accelerating we're going to need to free up some grip which is going to require a reduction in steering lock.
00:46 The main thing we want to achieve is getting the car as straight as possible, as early as possible to allow us to apply the throttle.
00:55 This comes down in part to the specific line we've chosen through the corner and this is where we may choose a late apex for a slow corner that leads onto a long straight.
01:04 This will help by opening up the corner exit and we'll discuss this in more detail in an upcoming section.
01:11 When it comes to the rate that we apply the throttle this will depend to a degree on the amount of power the car produces but a general rule of thumb is that the rate of throttle application should match the rate that the steering lock is removed.
01:23 In theory, this should mean that we're not at full throttle until we're dead straight on the steering, especially in a car with a lot of horsepower, however in a higher speed corner where the car is not traction limited under acceleration, the full throttle point can usually be brought forward in the exit phase.
01:40 A great way to visualise this relationship is with an imaginary piece of string between the throttle and the steering wheel.
01:47 Let's assume that in the mid corner phase the string is tight, stopping you from pressing the accelerator.
01:53 As we unwind the steering, the tension on the string is reduced, allowing more throttle to be applied.
01:58 Remember when we do apply the throttle on the corner exit, we're aiming again for one smooth application.
02:05 If we have to get in and out of the throttle multiple times, this is usually a sign that we've been too early or too aggressive with the throttle.
02:12 Multiple throttle inputs like this will upset the balance of the car, resulting in the car running wide and that's going to delay the point where we can finally reach full throttle which is going to make us slower down the next straight.
02:24 A very common mistake that we should be conscious of avoiding here is not being patient enough initially when applying the throttle.
02:31 It can be tempting as you start to look towards the corner exit to rush the throttle application but this will ultimately cost you time.
02:39 It's important to understand that mastering the corner exit will take time and it's something that should be at the forefront of your mind when out on track.
02:48 This is one of those skills that might require taking one step back while you get to grips with it before taking two steps forward.
02:55 When applied correctly you're going to start seeing big gains in your lap time but if you feel like you're treading water here and not making much progress, look back at each prior phase of the corner to make sure that you're reaching the corner exit phase at the correct speed and on the correct line.
03:11 The key points worth taking away from this module are that a good corner exit will pay huge dividends in lap time as the faster we enter the following straight, the more compounding speed we can achieve along its length.
03:23 The key to getting it right is understanding that we want to get the car as straight as possible as soon as possible in order to be able to apply throttle.
03:32 But just like the turn in phase this comes down to a smooth, consistent and equalised relationship between the two inputs, throttle and steering.
03:41 As steering lock comes off, throttle can be applied at a similar rate.

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