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Diesel Tuning

Diesel tuning is fundamentally different from petrol tuning. Learn how to tune common rail diesel engines the right way. Gain fundamental knowledge and then a practical step by step process for getting any diesel tuning job done. Knowledge is power and whether you are tuning your car yourself, wanting to start a career as a professional tuner or even if you are just wanting to choose and communicate effectively with a professional tuner -  having a better understanding of diesel Tuning IS going to put you ahead of the pack.

Courses like: Diesel Tuning Fundamentals and Practical Diesel Tuning

Diesel Tuning

Core Courses

No matter what you are tuning the these core courses are applicable to you. Ultimately the make and model of engine you will be tuning and the software / hardware you will use to tune that engine will be specific to you but the fundamentals are universally applicable. These courses are applicable to ALL engines and ALL engine management systems.


step 1


Bare Minimum Diesel Tuning Knowledge

77 Minutes
5 Video Lessons
step 1

$129 USD

Diesel Tuning Fundamentals

146 Minutes
29 Video Lessons

Practical Application

Once you have got a handle on the fundamentals it's time to pick up the tools and start getting involved. This practical course will show you the HPA 5 step process to tune almost any common rail diesel vehicle, how to optimize fuelling quantity and pressure, how fuel affects the DPF, and many more topics — taking you through a complete tune on a diesel truck.

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$229 USD

Practical Diesel Tuning

325 Minutes
52 Video Lessons

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