EFI Tuning

Learn how to tune EFI (Electronic Fuel Injected) engines the right way. Gain fundamental knowledge and then a practical step by step process for getting any tuning job done. Knowledge is power and whether you are tuning your car yourself, wanting to start a career as a professional tuner or even if you are just wanting to choose and communicate effectively with a professional tuner -  having a better understanding of EFI Tuning IS going to put you ahead of the pack.

Courses like: EFI Tuning Fundamentals, Understanding AFR, Practical Standalone Tuning & more advanced tuning topics like Ethanol and Flex Fuel Tuning

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Core Courses

No matter what you are tuning the these core courses are applicable to you. Ultimately the make and model of engine you will be tuning and the software / hardware you will use to tune that engine will be specific to you but the fundamentals are universally applicable. These courses are applicable to ALL engines and ALL engine management systems.


step 1


Bare Minimum Tuning Knowledge

96 Minutes
6 Video Lessons
step 2

$19 USD

Introduction to Engine Tuning

119 Minutes
31 Video Lessons
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step 3

$99 USD

EFI Tuning Fundamentals

338 Minutes
54 Video Lessons
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step 4

$89 USD

Understanding AFR

103 Minutes
36 Video Lessons
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Practical Application

Once you have an understanding of the core fundamentals (courses above) it’s time to get specific. In the Practical courses below you will learn a step-by-step process which will help you apply the core fundamentals you have learnt in earlier courses in an easy and straightforward way to any tuning job. 

Both of these courses include how to tune on a the Road and with a Dyno.

Standalone Tuning: Uses a complete replacement engine management system like: Link, MoTeC, Haltech, AEM etc
Reflash Tuning: Uses the stock ECU. Systems like HP Tuners, ECUTEK, COBB etc

step 5

$229 USD

Practical Reflash Tuning

1336 Minutes
100 Video Lessons
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And / Or

step 5

$229 USD

Practical Standalone Tuning

1293 Minutes
143 Video Lessons
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Advanced Tuning Topics

Engine tuning in it’s most simple form is optimising fuel and ignition timing. However modern engine management systems are capable of so much more. These are considered advanced topics that cover a specific feature or strategy you would like to implement.

$129 USD

Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning

258 Minutes
46 Video Lessons
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$79 USD

Boost Control

155 Minutes
26 Video Lessons
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$39 USD

Launch Control

147 Minutes
26 Video Lessons
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Software Tutorials

In the courses above you will find lots of information that explain tuning theories and techniques, in the worked examples above you will learn how those techniques can be applied on specific software packages. In these Software Tutorial courses you will learn specifically about the layout of the software, great for those who already have a strong understanding of tuning techniques, but are new to a specific software package.

These Software Tutorial courses will not teach you how to tune, they will teach you how the specific software package works. To learn how to tune we recommend you start at the beginning of this page.

$99 USD

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

162 Minutes
74 Video Lessons
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$229 USD

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

311 Minutes
85 Video Lessons
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