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Practical Standalone Tuning


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Learn to Tune your Standalone ECU, Start to Finish

Want to learn how to tune your standalone ECU from start to finish with or without a dyno? This course is the perfect place to gain and apply that knowledge with step by step guidance.

Whether you have a MoTeC, Link, AEM, Fueltech or any other ECU - it doesn't matter. This course will teach you the HPA 10 step process that will apply to your ECU, and your engine. Using this process you can reach peak power and torque, while still retaining the reliability you need from your engine. 

As a rule, to get the most from your engine, a quality dyno is the best place to perform your tuning. This allows the tuner to simulate load on the engine, while simultaneously measuring all of the key metrics we need to monitor to optimise the tune. 

But - it's a fact that not everyone has access to a dyno. The detailed road tuning section in the course combats this, by teaching you the road tuning processes and techniques to ensure an optimized tune - whether you have access to a dyno or not. 

Even if you understand the principles of EFI tuning, tuning on a dyno or the road for the first time adds another element of learning. This course will give you the necessary skills to tune any engine from start to finish - whether it be on a dyno, or the black stuff. In particular you will learn:

  • How to configure your ECU to suit the engine
  • What numbers to put in the fuel and ignition tables before you start
  • How to get your engine running for the first time
  • How to use the dyno to control load and engine speed
  • How to tune the fuel map in steady state
  • Driving Techniques for road tuning
  • How to tune fuel and ignition using the dyno or road/track

After completing this course you will have the confidence and skills required to properly calibrate your standalone ECU on the dyno or road/track. You will learn HPA’s '10 Step Process’ which will take you through a tuning job from start to finish, ensuring you don’t miss any critical stages.

This course assumes an understanding of EFI tuning fundamentals. If you are new to tuning, we recommend you start with our EFI Tuning Fundamentals course before taking this one.

What you will learn
  • A 10 Step process for configuring and tuning on the ROAD and DYNO
  • How to configure your fuel and ignition maps
  • First start considerations and settings for your engine
  • How to tune fuel and ignition in steady state
  • Fuel and ignition tuning using ramp runs
  • How to tune almost ANY standalone ECU on the market

Common Questions

Can I watch the course videos whenever suits me?

You can access your course material via our website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Is this course applicable to Diesel Tuning?

No, this course is not applicable to diesel tuning. If you want to learn to tune diesel engines you will need to check the Diesel Tuning Fundamentals course.

What skill level is this course aimed at?

This course starts right at the beginning making it ideal for beginners with no experience what so ever. It also provides great information at a more intermediate level for those who have already had some experience.

Can I watch the same video more than once?

Of course, lifetime access means you can watch every module just 1, or even 1000 times. It's up to you how and when you learn and then reference your course material.

Where is this course located?

This is an online course. You can learn wherever and whenever you like. You don't need to travel, and you don't need to work to the tutors pace, instead you can start, stop and reference any topic you want to as you see fit.

What tools do I need to start tuning with?

The best tool to start with is this course! You need to walk before you can run, and the more you learn here the better you will understand the equipment you need for your application, and we even discuss it in the course for you too. This is not a 'secret' we're hiding, but rather us trying to make sure you buy the right tool the first time, and that comes from learning what you need first!

Does this teach rotary engine tuning?

Yes! This course has a specific rotary engine tuning example using an EFI system.

You don't have a specific example for my ECU, can I still learn how to tune with HPA?

Absolutely, and you can start instantly! A specific example using your platform isn't needed to teach you how to tune, it just helps you learn faster which is great. Different ECU brands don't change the fundamental laws of physicals or 4 stroke engine operation, essentially they just have different features and software all trying to do the same things as the next company. With that in mind the course will help you learn how to tune your FuelTech FT600/FT550/FT550LITE/FT500/FT500LITE/FT450 ECU with FTManager, MaxxECU using MTune, Speeduino, BigStuff3, VEMs, HKS F-CON, GReddy Emanage, MicroTech using MicroTech Laptop Software, Holley Sniper, Dominator, Termimator X and X Max, HP and Dominator using Holley EFI V5, Holley EFI V6, Terminator X V1, Terminator XV2, Sniper EFI, Elcecromotice, Power Commander, Apexi Power FC, Wolf, Vems, ProEFI, GEMS, Autronic and more.

How long do I have to watch the course videos?

Once purchased you have LIFETIME access to your training course/s. Lots of our customers use these course videos are reference material throughout their careers.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, we provide a digital certificate of completion with every course you complete. This is great for the workshop wall or CV.

Is motorcycle engine tuning covered in this course?

Yes! This course applies to all 4 stroke petrol EFI engines. That includes motorcycle tuning, or even if your engine is in a boat or a plane!

Does the payment plan cost me extra?

No! The payment plan just splits the total price for absolutely no extra fees or charges. If you miss a payment, you can even pick up where you left off as life happens, sometimes finances go wrong, and we won't punish you for it, we're here to help you learn instead first and foremost.

What if I have questions as I learn? How do I get help?

Course purchase comes with 90 days Gold Membership, for free! This gives you access to the tutors via the members only forum for your questions and encouragement.

Does this apply to turbo or supercharged engines?

Yes! 100%! The same fundamental principles apply to naturally aspirated, or forced induction (turbo and supercharged etc) engines. Things just happen a lot faster in the latter!

Is this tuning course specific to my car and ECU?

Yes! The core course material applies to almost any standalone, and there are some specific examples which will help you learn a little faster if you are learning using the same relevant platform. We add new examples every year for FREE if you already own the course material, and some include: Haltech Platinum, Elite and Nexus series ECUs using ESP & NSP Tuner tuning software, ViPEC & Link ECU G4, G4+ and G4X using PC Link, MoTeC M100, M130, M150 and Gold Box ECUs using M1Tune and ECU Manager, MegaSquirt MS3 Pro ECUs using TunerStudio, Syvecs/Life Racing using Syvecs Powertrain Control software, AEM Infinity Series1, Series 2 using AEMtuner tuning software, Adaptronic using Eugene, Ecumaster using ADU and more!

Will this also help me learn how to tune my carburettor?

No, EFI systems follow the same fundamental rules when it comes to tuning, but the way you make the changes using EFI and the fine control you have is very different to carb tuning to the point if you are tuning a car, you are unlikely to get much value from this course material.

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