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Practical Standalone Tuning: Step 2: Trigger Setup

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Step 2: Trigger Setup


00:00 - The next step of the process is to have a look at our trigger setup so that the ECU's getting the correct information from this particular engine and it knows what the RPM and engine position is.
00:12 So in the PC Link software if we go through to the triggers menu and we look at trigger setup.
00:18 this is where we can choose what particular trigger mode we want to use.
00:24 Now you can see we've already got this set to BMW M52 which is the particular trigger mode for this engine.
00:31 If you cycle through though here you can see all of the different modes that Link make available to suit the common engines that they've already decoded.
00:42 So if you've got one of these supported engines, it's really easy, you just click on the correct one, and basically everything will be preconfigured.
00:51 So we start with that by choosing BMW M52.
00:54 But if we go back and have a look at what else is available in this menu, you can see we've got trigger one, and we've got trigger two.
01:03 If we click on trigger one, so this is our RPM sensor, this is giving us the engine RPM.
01:10 And in this case we've got our trigger type, which is set to optical or hall.
01:16 And we've got a filtering level here which is set at level one which is low.
01:22 We would want to start with that low level of filtering unless we really needed to go any higher.
01:27 With a hall sensor, we generally need that pullup resistor on that particular channel turned to on.
01:34 And we've got the option of triggering on either a rising or a falling edge.
01:39 Now this information will generally be set up when you choose that trigger mode.
01:45 Or in the case of an engine that you're not familiar with, you can get the advice on how to set this up from the ECU manufacturer.
01:53 In this case though, these are the correct settings for the BMW M54 engine.
01:59 So let's just have a look though at trigger two, and we've got the same settings here.
02:06 So again we've got a hall sensor, optical hall sensor, we've got our level one low filtering, and the pullup is still turned on, and we've got a falling edge trigger.
02:20 So that's basically everything there set up for the triggering system.
02:26 Now we've also got this calibrate option which we're going to look at in a little bit more detail shortly, which is how we set the base ignition timing with that trigger mode so that the ECU knows where abouts number one cylinder is at TDC and can fire the spark at the correct time.

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