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Learn how to Build Engines

Learn to build engines with confidence. Assembling your own engine can be very rewarding for any automotive enthusiast or professional. Get reliable, consistent and dependable engine building information and an easy to follow, well produced online course. These courses are the perfect starting point if you are looking to build your own engine or bring performance engine in-house at your performance workshop.

Courses likeEngine Building Fundamentals and Practical Engine Building

Core Courses

It’s essential before you embark on your own engine building project you get the right fundamental information first.

The core engine building concepts concepts of engine building are applicable to ANY engine assembly job. Regardless whether you’re assembling a Mitsubishi 4G63, a Toyota 2JZ, a Nissan RB26, a GM LS3 or any other engine the lessons learned in this course will be 100% applicable to you. 

step 1

$129 USD

Engine Building Fundamentals

310 Minutes
73 Video Lessons

Practical Application

Once you have got a handle on the fundamentals it's time to pick up the tools and start getting involved. This practical course will show you 17 practical engine building skills, a step by step process to follow for building any engine, what common failures look like, an initial start up and run in procedure and then a full worked example, where you can watch an engine being built from start to finish.    

step 2

$199 USD

Practical Engine Building

461 Minutes
55 Video Lessons