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Practical Engine Building


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This course will provide you with the specialist knowledge and skills you’ll require to begin assembling performance engine with professional results. These skills are also reinforced with our worked examples where you can watch the entire engine building process being completed in real time from start to finish.

If you’re a novice engine builder it can be a daunting task to know where to start or what order to proceed in when it comes to assembling an engine. We address this with the HPA 10 step process which breaks engine building down into bite sized tasks which individually are relatively small and easy to complete. Before you know it you’ll have your engine finished but more importantly, you won’t have missed out or overlooked any critical steps. 

This course is applicable to any engine regardless whether it’s a V8, straight six or it’s horizontally opposed. The course will also be applicable to naturally aspirated engines, forced induction engines, and engines that run EFI or a carburettor.

This course is designed equally for the home enthusiast who wants to learn how to build their own engine for a project car, as well as the industry professional who wants to bring their engine building in house and take more control over the process to provide a better product for their customers.

This course assumes that you will be working with an engine machinist to perform the actual machining processes on your raw engine components. It also assumes that you already understand the fundamental principles of engine building and it builds from the knowledge delivered in our Engine Building Fundamentals course. If you haven’t already completed this course I’d recommend you start there. 

What you will learn
  • Piston and conrod balancing techniques
  • How to assemble a cylinder head
  • Techniques for assembling conrods on pistons
  • How to prepare an engine block
  • Techniques for improving oil flow
  • How to assemble an engine long block

Common Questions

Does the payment plan cost me extra?

No! The payment plan just splits the total price for absolutely no extra fees or charges. If you miss a payment, you can even pick up where you left off as life happens, sometimes finances go wrong, and we won't punish you for it, we're here to help you learn instead first and foremost.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, we provide a digital certificate of completion with every course you complete. This is great for the workshop wall or CV.

Can I watch the same video more than once?

Of course, lifetime access means you can watch every module just 1, or even 1000 times. It's up to you how and when you learn and then reference your course material.

What if I have questions as I learn? How do I get help?

Course purchase comes with 90 days Gold Membership, for free! This gives you access to the tutors via the members only forum for your questions and encouragement.

What engines does this course apply to?

It doesn't matter if you're building a V-Twin, 4 cylinder, 8 cylinder, 12 cylinder or more engine, the fundamental principles in this course will apply! There are work processes, best practices and set ways that you do many engine building tasks. Where things are different when it comes to specific specifications, you are using the same techniques as you would on a different engine to get to these different settings, there is no magic. There are currently specific 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder engine building examples in the course to help demonstrate this first hand to you.

What skill level is this performance engine building course aimed at?

While you don't need prior practical experience before taking this course, it is strongly recommended you take the proceeding course material in the Engine Building Fundamentals course.

How long do I have to watch the course videos?

Once purchased you have LIFETIME access to your training course/s. Lots of our customers use these course videos are reference material throughout their careers.

Can I watch the course videos whenever suits me?

You can access your course material via our website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Where is this course located?

This is an online course. You can learn wherever and whenever you like. You don't need to travel, and you don't need to work to the tutors pace, instead you can start, stop and reference any topic you want to as you see fit.

Does this apply to turbo or supercharged engines?

Yes! 100%! The same fundamental principles apply to naturally aspirated, or forced induction (turbo and supercharged etc) engines. Things just happen a lot faster in the latter!

My engine isn't one of the course examples, will I learn nothing?

Unless you are building a 2 stroke or rotary engine, this course is for you! A specific example using exactly the same parts and engine might help you learn a little faster, although it would actually more likely stop you from thinking and learning at all if you were just copying the instructors every movement! The point here is while someone doing EXACTLY what you are doing is what we think we all need to learn, it is not the case with engine building and the tutor, Andre, covers a wide virally of comprehensive knowledge to make sure you start learning to become the best engine builder you can be no matter the project, including: Ford Coyote, LS V8, RB25, RB26, RB30, SR20, 4G63, 2JZ, 1JZ, 1UZ, 2 UZ, 3UZ, B Series, K series, B16, B18, K20, K24, H22, TD42, 1KZ, 1HDT, N54, EJ20, EJ25, FA20, Hemi V8, Barra and more.

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