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Practical Engine Building: Step 8: Cylinder Head Assembly

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Step 8: Cylinder Head Assembly


00:00 - At this point we're going to go through the process of assembling our SR20 VVL cylinder head.
00:06 Now a lot of the hard work has actually already been done for us by our engine machinist.
00:12 You can see that the head is already partially assembled and in particular the valves, the valve guide seals, the springs, retainers and collars are already installed in the cylinder head.
00:22 The reason we've gone down this path is because the VVL cylinder head uses a solid lifter arrangement.
00:29 And this is a series of small shims that go inside the retainer and set our valve lash.
00:35 Now this is quite a complex job to set the valve lash and it really does require some specialist equipment, specifically you're going to need a surface grinder if you want to be able to adjust the shim thickness.
00:48 For this reason we've opted to have our engine machinist dummy assemble the head and set the valve lash.
00:54 And this is probably an option that a lot of enthusiasts will go through as well.
00:59 So we've got the head with the valves already fitted.
01:02 it is important to note here that we have gone through and thoroughly cleaned down the head, making sure that it is ready for our final assembly.
01:09 We've got our components laid out on the bench here in front of me.
01:13 And the steps we're going to go through will be to install the shims on the top of the retainers and we need to make sure that when we do this that they are numbered and they do go back in the correct location, obviously that's critical if we want to get the correct valve lash.
01:29 Beyond this we're going to be fitting the rocker shafts and each of the individual rockers.
01:34 So let's start with our shims now.
01:36 I've got them laid out in order.
01:38 When we're doing this it's always a good idea just to double check and make sure that you have got the cylinder head orientation correct, and you are in fact putting the shims in the correct location.
01:50 In this case I've numbered them one to eight for both my inlet and exhaust so I'm just checking, making sure here I've got number eight and I'm just going to locate that in place on the number eight inlet valve.
02:02 Let's go through and we'll install the rest of these.
02:19 Alright we've got all of our shims fitted, we've doubled checked and made sure that all of the numbers do go in the correct order, we can now start by fitting our rocker shafts.
02:28 Now with our rocker shafts, we wanna take these and make sure that they are a least initially cleaned down, I've already gone through and made sure that they are clean.
02:35 Final clean there before they go in and I'm also going to take my oiling can and I'm going to apply some lubricant through the holes in the cylinder head that these shafts are going to slide into so let's do that now.
02:55 Alright we're going to start with our inlet rocker shaft so we can take this, we wanna make sure that we are locating it in the correct orientation.
03:02 We can see that there are some larger holes and then there's some smaller holes, the larger holes go at the bottom and these feed into the rocker assembly.
03:10 So we'll need to make sure that's around the right way.
03:13 And we also need to make sure that we are feeding it in the correct end as well.
03:17 There is a hole at the front of the rocker shaft and this is where a locating bolt holds it in place.
03:25 So we're just going to get that rocker shaft started and of course before we push it all the way through we're going to need to start locating our rockers onto that shaft.
03:35 So we're going to start obviously with number four at the back of the block.
03:38 Just like our shims, I have numbered all of the rocker assemblies, so we can make sure that these go back in, in the correct order.
03:45 So what we'll do is again just apply a small amount of lubricating oil to the inside of the rocker shaft.
03:53 We can just move that around in there, spread it out.
03:55 And then we can drop that rocker shaft, the rocker into place, and as we do this I'm just going to slide the rocker shaft through.
04:04 We need to make sure that we've got the rocker assembly located in the correct spot so that it will actually sit down on top of those valves, so let's do that now.
04:17 Alright so we've got our first rocker in place, you can see that it is in place because it is in fact touching those lash caps or shims I should say, on the top of the retainers.
04:26 We'll go through and we'll finish installing the remaining rockers.
04:51 With the rocker shaft fitted on the inlet side, we can take the bolt that locates and locks that shaft in place and fit that too.
05:24 Now we're simply going to go through and repeat the exact same process with the exhaust side.
05:53 So at this point this is about as far as we can go with the assembly of the cylinder head.
05:58 The reason for this is that we need to leave the cams out of the cylinder head so that we can actually access the head studs when we bolt the cylinder head onto the block.
06:08 So from here we're going to move on and start looking at our long block assembly.

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