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Motorsport Wiring

The Wiring Fundamentals course will give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to successfully design and construct an EFI wiring harness, avoiding costly and damaging mistakes. The fundamentals of wiring and harness construction is applicable to ANY wiring harness/loom build. Whether you're building your streetcar, daily or a dedicated top level racecar, these courses are applicable.

$99 USD

Wiring Fundamentals

203 Minutes
66 Video Lessons

Practical Application

Once you have got a handle on the fundamentals it's time to pick up the tools and start getting involved. The practical course will show you essential harness construction skills, a step by step process to follow for building any wiring harness and then a full worked example, where you can watch a wiring harness being built from start to finish.

Both of these courses include full examples and step by step harness builds

Club Level: Harness builds for your every day road car, right through to a club level track day racer.
Professional Level: Top tier wiring harness builds for a full motorsport build, or a really tidy streetcar.

See the difference between a club level and professional level harness here

$229 USD

Practical Wiring - Club Level

243 Minutes
36 Video Lessons

And / Or

$299 USD

Practical Wiring - Professional Motorsport

644 Minutes
48 Video Lessons

Advanced Wiring Topics

Learning the skills to create a wiring harness already puts you in the top tier of 'car guys' around the world, but it's details like understanding CAN Bus or how to install a PDM that will separate you from the rest and put the final touches on your wiring project.

Join thousands of others and fast-track your knowledge - saving yourself hours (if not days) - learning these advanced topics with the courses below.


$199 USD

CAN Bus Communications Decoded

228 Minutes
57 Video Lessons

$149 USD

PDM Installation & Configuration

382 Minutes
45 Video Lessons

Motorsport Wiring

Learn to wire up your vehicle the right way. These courses will take you right from complete beginner (no previous experience) through to creating a high level, top quality motorsport level wiring harness. These courses are the perfect starting point if you are looking to build your own wiring harness or bring performance wiring in in-house at your performance workshop.

Courses like: Wiring Fundamentals, Practical Wiring - Club Level and Practical Wiring - Professional Motorsport

Motorsport Wiring

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