CAN Bus Communications Decoded

Want to learn about CAN Bus, start to finish?

If you’ve ever set up any modern electronics in your motorsport project, you probably would’ve come across the term CAN bus. As the primary communication network between these OEM and Aftermarket devices, understanding CAN Bus is becoming more critical than ever.

CAN Bus communications seems pretty intimidating to many people, but the reality is that using it in your project will result in a simplified, easier to understand system overall. This course will cover what you need to know about the CAN protocol — from setting up a dash display, to reverse engineering parameters from an OEM datastream, and everything in between.


Who Is This Course For:

  • Those completely new to CAN as well as those with basic knowledge who want a thorough understanding
  • Enthusiasts wanting seamless communication between multiple CAN-based electronic products
  • Those wanting to decode factory CAN messages and integrate these with aftermarket electronic devices
  • Enthusiasts who want to create seamless communication between CAN-based devices from different manufacturers
  • Enthusiasts looking for a career in the performance industry 


What Systems Does This Apply To?

In short - All of them. The great thing about CAN is that it's a standardised communication protocol meaning that once you understand how it works, your knowledge can be applied regardless whether you’re dealing with OEM electronics or aftermarket. However, we will have a library of worked examples available that will continue to be added to over time that will show the HPA 5 step process being applied from start to finish to a range of different setups and applications. 

This course will break down concepts like Single vs Compound CAN messages, Extended vs Normal Addressing, scaling factors for CAN messages, Big Endian Vs Little Endian, reverse engineering CAN messages and more, ensuring your devices are transmitting and receiving correctly, no matter the system.


Included 1-on-1 Support via the Forum

This course includes three months of Support in the members-only support forum. In this forum, you will be able to get quick and reliable answers directly from the tutor. You’ll also get access to regular live webinar lessons that focus on key aspects of Tuning, Wiring and Engine Building. If you can’t watch live, then you can rewatch these webinars in the archive.


What you will learn
  • The fundamentals of the CAN Protocol
  • Why the CAN Protocol is used
  • How to plan and construct CAN Bus wiring
  • How to access and interpret the CAN data
  • How to construct your own CAN system
  • How to Reverse engineer data from an existing system

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