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CAN Bus Communications Decoded: Step Two: What data is needed, and where?

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Step Two: What data is needed, and where?


00:00 Step 2 of our process is determining what data is going to be needed and where we're going to need that on our devices here.
00:08 Now or our AiM dash, that's going to be a general purpose driver display so we are going to want engine RPM, we're going to want battery voltage, oil pressure, water temperature and oil temperature as well at a minimum.
00:22 We'll settle on just those parameters for the moment for this example but you'll actually see how it's going to be very easy to get a lot more data onto that dash for having to do no more work whatsoever.
00:33 On our Plex micro dash here, the only parameter I really want there is gear position which is going to be sorted out by the ECU.