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CAN Bus Communications Decoded: Step 3: Get the Data Displayed

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Step 3: Get the Data Displayed


00:00 - With step 2 determined, which is the data that we're going to need and how we're going to construct that frame to talk to our Link CAN lambdas, we can have a look at what, step 3, which is what data is available and where.
00:15 Now just back over to my laptop again quickly, we've got our MoTeC C125 Dash Manager software here and I've got a connection to our dashboard open at the moment.
00:27 So if I open up the current CAN bus communications on this dash, we can see we've already got a lot of reception templates in place here and once again, this is a situation you definitely strike a lot when you're working with a racecar that's been in service for a while and has seen quite a bit of use.
00:47 A lot of this stuff is going to be configured.
00:49 You want to make sure in this situation that you're not going to disrupt any of the existing CAN communications because it's really vital that they remain untouched.
00:58 So I'm not going to mess with any of these reception templates because I shouldn't have to but I am going to add in that transmission template that we're going to need.
01:10 So having a look at what data is available and where, reading through the MoTeC documentation for their CAN bus message structure, the M1 general OX650, so that's this reception template here, or correspondingly the transmission template that is enabled in our MoTeC M150, we can see all of the parameters that are available within that compound message structure on our OX650 there.
01:39 So if I scroll all the way down I know that we're going to find, yep there it is, exhaust pressure bank 1.
01:46 Now this is just a 4 cylinder engine so it's only got 1 bank and that is the input channel in the MoTeC that we have set up to talk to our 100 psi absolute pressure sensor there.

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