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CAN Bus Communications Decoded: What Data Is Needed, and Where?

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What Data Is Needed, and Where?


00:00 - In steps 2 and 3 of the CAN network setup process, we're going to define what data is going to be transmitted and received.
00:07 In reality these steps are often undertaken at the same time but we'll break them out here individually for some clarity.
00:14 We'll start with receiving data and to do this, we need to look at each of the devices on our network plan and list the data that device needs to receive in order to function.
00:24 An example of this could be an ECU.
00:28 Most modern aftermarket ECUs have CAN interfaces so it would be connected to the bus.
00:33 There are many parameters the ECU might need to receive.
00:37 A common option would be a wideband oxygen sensor reading.
00:41 Or another example could be a dash display and it needing to receive engine RPM, engine coolant temp, oil pressure data and so on.
00:49 We continue along like this for all of the devices on the bus, adding to our list the data each device needs to receive.
00:56 The overall aim is to build up a complete picture of the data each device needs to perform its required functions.

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