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CAN Bus Communications Decoded: Get the Data Displayed

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Get the Data Displayed


00:00 - With a physical connection to the bus wires established, step 3 is to get the data stream displayed on your computer.
00:06 This will vary with the CAN bus interface tool that's being used but will show the process being used with a couple of different CAN bus analysers in the worked examples section of the course.
00:17 The key setting to initially make sure of is that the bus communication speed has been set correctly because this is the most common place an error is made.
00:24 If you're not getting any data displayed, check this first, followed by the CAN high and the CAN low wiring as they can often be accidentally swapped.
00:34 The default view for incoming data is often a scrolling view where every data frame is shown as it's received.
00:41 This is great for confirming the data is being received but not overly useful for determining parameter locations.
00:47 If your analyser tool supports it, I suggest setting it to a persistent viewing mode where a list of the data frames being transmitted are shown, ordered by their PID.
00:57 As a new message comes in, it replaces the old one and any changes in the data bytes of that frame will be easy to notice.
01:05 Setting your analyser tool like this will prepare you for step 4 where we're going to start narrowing down the location of our target parameters.

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